Substantial new wings were added in the extensive, steeply-sloping garden of a Victorian villa to replace a former dormitory boarding house. The new house is home to 62 boys in, mainly single, en suite study bedrooms, with a tutor’s flat, laundry and locker rooms. The house master’s house is in a separate extension, and the villa is refurbished and remodelled to provide communal spaces.
The 2 no new wings create an enclosed garden court together with a wall of mature trees behind the villa and there is a secluded area of parking to the front and a hard play area between the first wing and the boundary wall.
The new building aims to achieve a BREEAM rating of very good, and includes an array of solar collectors to pre-heat hot water and a ground source heat-pump to supply under-floor heating. The building itself is a heavily insulated masonry construction which creates a thermal store, to minimise the heating and cooling demand, creating a stable comfortable environment.